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Toyota Cars Gallery

Toyota car collection 2011 we present to you, we are attempting to collect accurate information that we collect from various sources.

Toyota is the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world in unit sales and net sales. Japan's largest manufacturer is producing 5.5 million cars worldwide. If calculated, this figure is equivalent to produce 1 unit of car in 6 seconds.

To learn about the history of toyota history please visit Toyota Company History

Okay now let us refer to the description of toyota car collection 2011

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna Car comes with a variety of series: LE, SE, XLE, and Limited edition AWD. Exterior and interior are equipped with reliable and smooth run-flat tire has been introduced at the Expo Car Los Angeles recently. Favorite car in the United States in particular, now has entered the third generation in a series of manufacture.

This car is full of entertainment relies on its ability to deliver on time we're in it, and put the comfort factor. Sienna New Model 2011 also as a factor of attraction to lure fans. Innovation is also carried on his 4-cylinder engine more efficient.

Contemporary and popular model that still give priority to road safety for drivers and passengers. All of Toyota's advanced features also lauched in this car.

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux which include best-selling car since the launch in several countries. Cars with big power and steady performance as well as spare parts guarantee affordable both in terms of price and availability. Average users are very satisfied and no complaints when wearing the Toyota Hilux as his choice.

In their daily life, performance Hilux is very practical, not fussy, stubborn, where these things are important factors for the automobile traveler. This car also has a sturdy design, perfect for a family member. Outside view is also supported steady with a luxurious interior in it.

Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz re-design with the performance of compact hatchback will again hit the Japanese market in 2011.

This car is equipped with ultra-resistant glass and features redesigned exterior and interior. The model is generally longer with a more spacious interior settings.

In addition to redesigning the exterior and interior, Toyota's latest product comes with an affordable price and best quality kulaitas from Toyota. With a specification that dibesutnya, Toyota Vitz appear as efficient car. Even one that carried the motto of this car is as the Most Efficient Cars in Japan. The launch of Toyota Vitz at small MPV class or sub-compact class, makes the best cars sebmakin tight competition.

Selection of color for this car is also very complete, from the conservative colors like black or white, to color-metallic pink or bright yellow. Kombinsi car fit for stylish young professionals. New Cars Toyota Vitz is available in several types of options with HP than 1000cc and 1500cc and 1300CC. Toyota appears and is always present to realize the dream car of the fans and the community generally.

Toyota RAV4 EV

Car 2011 Toyota RAV4 EV with the support of Tesla seems to be one of Toyota's new flagship in the world automobile market through 2011. First devoted to areas of North America, this car has been exhibited in an exhibition venue in Los Angeles some time ago.

The concept car with sophisticated electrical panels capable of making an exclusive feel of this car. In 2011 the car was manufactured dengna limited numbers, while for mass production planned to be lauched in 2012. Toyota RAV4 EV will also be marketed in other countries than in America. From the look of his prototype, luxurious look and kokh a first impression so see it.

Toyota RAV4 EV is believed to be able to hit the electric car market and become one of the major players in this class. With still a long time for evaluation and input for this car, it seemed his presence will be more eagerly awaited by fans of electric cars and Toyota as well as lovers of innovative cars on umumnya.Saksikan continue its development with Toyota's latest news on this blog.

Toyota FT-86

Concept Sports Cars continue to be developed by Toyota One of them with the development of the Toyota FT-86. Despite launching a plan to be postponed in 2013, this car remains a concern among automotive today. Carrying the concept sports car, the latest developments is to wear the new logo.

The new logo along with a few changes from earlier versions of the concept. This car is the join of two well-known car manufacturers, Toyota and Subaru. For Subaru, better known by the name of the Subaru 0846. With a boxer engine and the body flat and lightweight autodinamis, this car appear attractive as the ideal sports car. Performance that produce a full driving pleasure sensation.

Toyota FT-86 will be produced for the public in 2013 after previously planned dilucurkan in 2012. Still to be considered whether to stay called the Toyota FT-86, where FT stands for Future rumors Toyota, (while "86" in Japan is pronounced "hachi roku") or a Toyota FR-S (Front-rear sport). Stay at the World Automotive Collection to follow the development of the Toyota FT-86 further.

Toyota IQ

Toyota IQ concept car with a compact and ideal, is introduced as one of most small cars in the world with a model 4 seats with the best quality of this Toyota.Mobil been very successful on its release in Japan.

Toyota IQ Toyota MPV from a source of inspiration for future car needs a compact but full of quality features. Interior like disco music that makes the trip was not boring and full of entertainment. The solution to congestion and pollution today. Interior is a little relieved and shape appropriate for a prototype fusion concept vehicle needs of the future.

The cutesy reliable Toyota-made this really unique concept and is able to seize the attention of automotive circles. Automobile market following years is likely to be dominated by this kind of vehicle.

Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon is one of the popular car in America. With its roomy, this car could make people on board relief. Comfort and reliability factor is the main point of the hallmarks of this car. Sedan with a capacity of 4 passengers is made with comfortable as possible and also relieved that the driver and passenger, both in front and behind the withdrawal was resting comfortably.

2011 Toyota Avalon suggested as supporting entertainment factor performance. Entertainment classy and stylish. Appearances refreshing and inspiring. It also can be used for long distance travel. Standard specification outline is as follows: 3.5L V-6 268HP engine, 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS).

Factors interior is also a concern. Many interior of the car that was equipped with sophisticated gadgets and technology. Steady steering and anti-skid and elegant design are the factors why its users are interested. Use of the panels easy to use, simple but good quality. Some components of this car is identical to the famous Lexus quality. Safe vehicle for the needs of all eligible family members carried the Toyota Avalon 2011.

Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia is an SUV made by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana. Some models are outstanding: Sequoia SR5, Sequoia Limited; Sequoia Platinum 2011. This car in its class for one car at a price affordable to purchase. The car the best option for families and consumers who want a big car with spacious accommodation for families and a variety of needs.

Sequoia was also fresh exterior appearance with a few new accessories art. Since its introduction in 2000, this car remained in production until now with the output of the newest Toyota Sequoia 2011. His off-road ability will no doubt because Toyota as the world's largest car manufacturer is very reliable for this business.

Capacity passenger in the car can accommodate up to 8 family members. This is supported by a safety factor to ensure maximum driving safety. Automatic transmission is also supporting the overall quality performance. If you want to travel far, Toyota Sequoia is ready to deliver your trip without feeling bored and tired on the trip. Reputation quality car Toyota will once again be proven.

Toyota Tundra Truck 2011

2011 Toyota Truck Tundra full-size truck from Toyota's best car line with the new engine is more efficient in its use. Several new versions were also launched with the specifications of each as needed. Concept promoted by this car is a Diesel Dually Project Truck.

Innovations according to the development of time was also done on the Tundra. Toyota Tundra automotive producer variant of this for the year of 2011 has increased the power of HP in this car with 4.0 liter V6 standard engine. More sporty appearance, making them attractive to various groups based on the model as well function.

Toyota Tundra is also tough to follow the race rally cars and off-road competition. This is a proof of public confidence in the car this big category. Vehicle dashing adventurer with the model is a mix of interesting and always a lot of rage. Toyota Tundra Sportsman seem to be an ideal choice of one car in 2011.

Toyota Tacoma

Cars Trucks Toyota Tacoma is a compact and effective model. This car is already produced two generations and still continues to this day. This car is suitable for heavy jobs jobs in the mines, forests and other contractors who need a car with formidable performance.

Tacoma continues to innovate year after year. Improvements also continue to be done for the sake of perfection mesin.Pengembangan acceleration of innovation is continued even today with the launch of Tacoma Truck 2011. Several models to choose from are: Regular cab, Access Cab and Double Cab.

One of the latest innovations from Tacoma is by cooperating with the iPad. Tacoma equipped with sophisticated gadgets Interior IPAD is certainly one another attraction of this car. In America even a car with the largest sales category for Compact Pickup Trucks. With these improvements, no doubt Toyota established itself as the best ideal car manufacturer in Indonesia and in the world.

Toyota Venza · 2011

Toyota Venza · 2011 is a showcase of Toyota's next work is surprising, because so much innovation performed and introduced by the car to its users. Toyota Venza is an offering to the family the best result of the integration of a variety of favorite characters. Toyota Venza Appearances can be proud wearer with fantastic performances captivate nan.

This product is predicted to increase in demand for all weather and atmosphere. After menuasai American market, the ideal car is expected to also triumphed in the world automobile market. Views aggressive nuanced performance with strict lines with large cabin so it is suitable to store the goods with comfortable and safe.

Car 2011 Toyota Venza comes with a full-confident and exclusive with typical Toyota engine ensures powerful performance endurance pull. Toyota Venza continuing triumph of this manufacturer and do not forget to follow the trend of fast growing Indonesian car. The best opportunity for performance with its motto of "The Surprising New Toyota".

Toyota Rush

Suspension of Bending and Steady Rush. Electric mirror bending. It all depends on how caring for the Toyota Rush to remain robust, resilient and efficient. Equipped with manual mode so that the performance is really to perfection.

Interior and accessories TV monitor to watch Live TV or DVD. This monitor also has integrated. Performance Toyota Rush comfort and security with the right rim racing facilities. Carrying the unit with the best and ideal test drive captivating. Rush offers a comfortable seat with an exotic design with interior dashboard view its beautiful.

Economical fuel consumption with the factory default standard security system has been quite satisfactory. While at the street corner or straight hot mix everything well. Toyota's latest Rush performing with some changes to the front and a rear bumper. The latest generation to the sensation of driving. Toyota Rush Facelift.